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Misconceptions about sleeve gastrectomy surgery


Gastric sleeve surgery for the treatment of obesity has become quite common. This widespread treatment method was accompanied with a lot of word of mouth information that did not reflect the truth. So what are these misconceptions? General Surgery Specialist Türker Karabuğa MD presents important information on the subject.

The aim of sleeve gastrectomy is to reduce the size of the stomach and feel full with very little food. A certain part of the stomach is surgically removed to ensure this. A tube-shaped stomach is left. 70-90% of excess weight is lost within a few years after the operation.

Common misconceptions about bariatric surgery are as follows:

“The surgery is very risky.”

As with any operation, there are risks in this surgery. However, obesity poses much greater risks than surgery. Most weight loss surgeries use techniques that minimize recovery time and the risk of complications. Although complications are rare, patients should be aware of the specific risks of surgery.


“I don’t need to take supplements after surgery.”

Patients may need to take certain supplements to prevent vitamin deficiencies.


“All patients who are overweight can have surgery.”


The surgery is decided with the approval of the specialist physicians after a detailed check-up before the procedure.


“It takes a long time to return to daily life after the operation.”

Although recovery varies according to the patient, routine life can be continued between the 4th and 7th day after the procedure.



“After the surgery, I don’t have to watch what I eat.”

Wrong, if the person cannot adopt the rules of proper nutrition into his life, he can gain weight again. The success of weight loss also depends on many important factors such as diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to prevent weight gain. The patient should pay attention to these factors.


“My other diseases will get worse after surgery.”

Obesity itself causes more than 70 comorbidities. With bariatric surgery, these diseases can be improved.


“I will be in the intensive care unit after the surgery.”


Intensive care is not needed except for high-risk patients.


“The pre-surgery process is very long.”

The tests performed before the surgery do not require a very long process.


“I can’t go back to work for a long time.”

Although it varies, you can probably return to work within 1 week. However, returning to your work life may differ depending on your profession.


“I don’t have to go to the doctor after the surgery.”

Your controls will continue after the surgery.


“The rate of weight loss is the same in every patient.”

Although this rate varies according to metabolism, weight is lost rapidly in the first three months after the surgery. 70-90% of the unwanted weight is lost during the first year.


“My diabetes will get worse.”

Improvement in diabetes mellitus is common after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Recovery is seen in 70% of patients.

Source: Hurriyet Family supplement