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Revision Surgery



Revision Surgery; Gastric bypass surgeries are generally very powerful surgeries and therefore very few patients require revision. However, if the patient does not comply with the nutritional rules and consumes increasing amounts of food, enlargement of the stomach pouch and stoma, which is the gastrointestinal tract, may occur over time.

In this case, either the narrowing of the pouch with endoscopic methods can be tried, or this can be performed surgically. Another method other than narrowing the stoma is to lower the bypass area, that is, to increase the malabsorption effect a little more.


The need for revision surgery after sleeve gastrectomy arises for two reasons. The first of these is to leave a larger stomach than normal in the surgery. The other reason is that the stomach has the capacity to expand over time. There are two options for a patient with weight regain after sleeve gastrectomy.

The first of these is to re-sleeve, and the other is to convert it to another bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass or duodenal switch.

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