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Stomach Botox


What is stomach botox?

The application of Botulinum toxin (botox) to the stomach is a relatively new method of weight loss based on the endoscopic injection of Botulinum toxin into certain parts of the stomach.

In this method, the contraction of the stomach muscles is limited and the gastric emptying time is delayed and the patient loses his appetite. Therefore, weight loss is achieved.


Who is suitable for stomach botox?

Stomach botox is applicable to anyone who wants to lose weight. This procedure is not an obesity surgery. However, there are certain criteria for patients to qualify for this treatment. It is a suitable way for those who cannot lose weight with diet and sports. Since stomach botox will not be beneficial in patients with a body mass index above 40 and who can achieve success with bariatric surgery, it is not recommended for these patients.

The body mass index of patients who can be treated with stomach botox should be below 40. In other words, it is applied to individuals with a body mass index of 27-35 and an excess of 10-20 kilograms who cannot lose this weight with diet and exercise. At this point, patients who are overweight but not obese enough to be operated on and who want to lose weight constitute the ideal patient group. Stomach botox can be applied to patients with stomach ulcers or gastritis after these disorders have been properly treated.


Does stomach botox have any side effects?

Botox has been used in the field of medicine for years and there are no known harmful side effects because it is applied in the right dosage by a specialist physician.

Since gastric botox application is a standard endoscopic procedure, significant stomach botox damage has been reported in the literature. The procedure is not suitable for people who have muscle disease and who are allergic to botox.


Does stomach botox make you lose weight?

No method, including stomach botox, guarantees weight loss. It is not right to consider stomach botox a miracle cure.

Although it is known that stomach botox has an appetite-reducing effect and helps dieting, there is a possibility of failure in patients fed who consume high carbohydrates after the botox application.


How long does the stomach botox process take, is hospitalization necessary?

Stomach botox is not an obesity surgery

It is a procedure that is absolutely done endoscopically through the mouth.

No incision are necessary.

The procedure takes an average of 20 minutes.

During the procedure, patients are put to sleep by an anesthesiologist.

It is not necessary to stay in the hospital.

1-2 hours of observation is usually sufficient after the procedure.

A decrease in appetite and appetite control are achieved within about 3 days after the stomach botox application.


Does stomach botox cause permanent damage to the stomach?

The entire effect of the drug used in stomach botox is completely eliminated from the body within 4-6 months. Therefore, there is no possibility of permanent damage.


When does the effect of stomach botox start?

The feeling of hunger decreases within 2-3 days after stomach botox is applied. Weight loss starts to be observed after 2 weeks. The targeted 10-20 kilograms are lost.

Stomach botox is applied only to the smooth muscles of the stomach, it has no effect on nerve cells and the intestine movement. Therefore, it does not increase bowel laziness. An improvement in bowel laziness can even be observed by adding foods into the diet that will be prepared specially for you after stomach botox (indicate this situation to your dietitian) to activate the bowel.