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Burak Altay beat stage sickness


Istanbul State Theater Artist Burak Altay (36) regained his health after his stomach hernia and reflux surgery in Izmir. Altay, who has a role in many TV series and films, said, “The hoarseness and dry cough I experienced due to the disease negatively affected my profession. After the operation, I was almost reborn,” he said.

Young actor Burak Altay, who won great acclaim for his role in Asmalı Konak, had been receiving treatment for his reflux disease complaints, which increased with the effect of stress, for four years. However, since his complaints such as hoarseness, fatigue and coughing started to cause problems in his profession, Altay decided to have an operation. General Surgery Specialist  one of the doctors of the Kordon Obesity Center in Izmir. Türker Karabuğa MD examined the young actor. In the examinations, it was determined that gastric hernia and reflux disease developed. Altay, who complied with his doctor’s decision to have surgery, recently regained his health with a successful operation.

“Now I go on stage confidently and in good health”

Burak Altay, who stated that he decided to have surgery after his illness started to affect his profession negatively, said, “Because of his discomfort, before the stage, my excitement was increasing with the thought of ‘will my voice be turned down’. I was suffering from complaints such as voice fatigue, hoarseness and dry cough due to my illness for four years. There were times when I had difficulty speaking. It was negatively affecting my job. I had to constantly take medicine. Surgery was inevitable. I had an operation with General Surgery Specialist Doctor Türker Karabuğa in Izmir. After the successful surgery of my teacher Türker, I was almost reborn. Now I go on stage with more confidence in my play and in a healthy way,” he said.

Complaints have disappeared

Stating that untreated reflux disease increases the risk of esophageal cancer in the future, Dr. Türker Karabuğa stated that the actor regained his health after gastric hernia and antireflux surgery. Dr. Karabuğa said, “Our patient had hoarseness, chronic cough, and severe pain under the sternum due to his reflux disease, which has been present for a long time. After the operation, his complaints disappeared.”