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First Prize to Bozkır State Hospital Doctor


Working as a General Surgery Specialist at Bozkır State Hospital, Türker Karabuğa MD, at the 6th Surgical Research Congress Invention Competition held in Ankara, Assoc. Dr. Tugrul Tansug and Prof. Dr. He won the first prize with the “Hanger Needle” he designed with Ali Doğan Bozdağ.

In his statement, Karabuğa said that closed gallbladder surgeries were performed using classical hand tools entered through 4 holes, hand tools entered through a single hole called “SILS”, and natural openings in the body called NOTES.

Explaining that in these surgical methods, the upper part of the gallbladder is held and pushed upwards with a hand tool inserted through one of the trocars in order to exclude the liver and to see the duct and vascular connections of the gallbladder easily, Karabuğa said:

“With the ‘suspension needle’ we have designed, it is ensured that the gallbladder and liver are pushed back sufficiently, and sufficient field of view and movement is opened to complete the laparoscopic procedure without the need for additional trocar entry. When the place where the fundus is hung during the dissection of the gallbladder needs to be changed, the sling is easily removed from the place where it is attached to the peritoneum and hung on another point on the abdominal wall, and the operation is continued without loss of time and difficulty.

Hospital Chief Physician Dr. Faruk Altınok, on the other hand, stated that Karabuğa won the second prize with his “Stone Collector” at the Aegean Surgery Days Congress, which was held in İzmir before, and wished Karabuğa success.