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From the Operating Table to the Sets


Turkey’s beloved TV series actress and theater artist Gülnihal Demir lost 32 kilos after her stomach reduction operation. Demir, who took the leading role in the Cümbüş-ü Şamata project, said that losing weight was important for her role.

Earlier this year, After the successful operation performed by Türker Karabuğa MD, Gülnihal Demir regained her health by losing 32 kilograms and returned to the sets as soon as she recovered.

Demir, who took part in the project, some parts of which were shot in the Foça district of İzmir, said, “I felt very relieved after the surgery performed by my teacher Türker MD. My mobility has increased, most of my discomforts have disappeared, my psychology has improved greatly. Türker Karabuğa MD and Kordon Obesity Center. I’m glad they exist,” he said. Saying that losing weight has provided great advantages to her acting life, Demir said, “Losing weight in terms of acting has had great advantages. Losing weight in the new game will help a lot,” he said.

“I was born again”

Explaining that the idea of ​​surgery frightened him at first, and then he was convinced for the operation in a short time, Demir said, “I was quite worried when I entered my doctor’s room. But when I met the patients who had this surgery before and saw that the mortality rate was very low, I was convinced. I was born again after losing 32 kilos. I would recommend anyone who has weight problems to have this surgery,” he said.

Explaining that he has been in the TV series industry for 12 years, Demir said, “I am a 24-year-old retired banker. I have been working in the television industry for 12 years. It all started when I went to the set of the TV series ‘The Big Lie’ out of curiosity. I acted in my ice cream Gaymak. Afterwards, it felt like a sock rip. I am currently playing the leading role in Cümbüş-ü Şamata.”

“Cümbüş-ü Şamata will entertain everyone”

Stating that Cümbüş-ü Şamata, whose script was written by Yılmaz Aydın, has a good cast, Demir said, “People will have a lot of fun while watching it. This project is more like the ‘It Will Be’ format. Our people need a laugh right now. We will be happy if we can make our audience laugh.”

Source: UAV