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Those who see can’t recognize it! The master player lost exactly 52 kilos…


Those who see Semra Sima, who we have watched in many TV series and who have also acted in movies with names such as Özcan Deniz, Hatice Aslan, Perihan Savaş, Sinan Bengier and Turan Özdemir, have difficulty in recognizing those who see them.

The master player, who lost 52 kilos, fell from 135 kilos to 82 kilos. We had a conversation with Semra Sima years ago at the premiere of a play by Ahmet Çevik. In my archive, I found a photo where we are in the same frame with my successful actor friend Burak Akbulut and Semra Sima. Semra sister was overweight at that time, but later increased to 135 kilograms. Nowadays, the sponsorship of a famous doctor has changed the life of our valuable player. I had a small interview with him and asked him about the secret of this change. Here is our interview: Semra sister, I did not recognize you! How did this change happen? I had gastric sleeve surgery. How many kilos did you lose? I dropped from 135 kilos to 82 kilos. How did you make this decision? When I saw my actress friend Gülnihal Demir losing weight, I asked her how she lost weight. He told me he had gastric sleeve surgery and his doctor, Türker MD introduced him to Karabuğa. Türker Bey sponsored me. I was not going to pay anything, but I was afraid and our doctor waited 6 months for me to overcome this fear.

What has changed in your life?
I had high blood pressure, diabetes, and sleep apnea, and now I’ve got none. I recommend this surgery to everyone. Tube stomach is life, the rest is excitement. Are there any new projects? There is a surprise movie project. Horror movie but I can’t reveal the name yet. After Semra Sima lost weight, she met with her doctor and her team.